Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Red or Pink?

I lost the snowsuit battle.

We have what I think is a perfectly good snowsuit for the little princess on the block. It's a boy's snowsuit, a hand-me-down from a friend, but it has a snazzy red coat with navy blue pants. Girlchild, in all her blondness and blue-eyedness, looks quite lovely in red. She is quite compelling in navy blue, for that matter. Her pink hat clashes a bit with the red, but oh well.

Daddy, however, is a big goof for his daughter. I can see the princess being handed the keys to the shiny new convertible at 16 while the rest of us loll about eating scraps of stale bread and wearing burlap sacks. He, I'm sure, would slay dragons and cross bridges of broken glass and rusty nails over a river of fire for her. Daddy is ga ga for his girl.

As you can well imagine, a boy's snowsuit simply would not do. No sir.

I am heartless, so I resisted. All that meant was that Daddy went on his own little shopping trip, traipsing all over town, all over a nearby town, all over another nearby town and then to the city to find a snowsuit. (I'm exaggerating a little, but just a little.)

First he came back with a coral-coloured one-piece jobby. It was nice enough, but he had already rejected it on the way home because he thought a two-piece would be better. I agreed and used the opportunity to, for the eleventy-thousandths time, promote the fact we should save our hard-earned cash for the convertible - or college - rather than spending it on a snowsuit when we already have a perfectly good one.

"She's two," I said. "She's not even in school. There is no fashion show." I'm sure she'd love a fashion show if one came along.

I thought maybe I had won. He returned to the city, allegedly to get a refund, but returned with two more snowsuits.


One was a fairly hideous gaudy pink. It was ruled out almost immediately for being obnoxious and shouty. The second one was calmer. It has a white coat covered with pink flowers and is paired with gleaming white snowpants.

White. On a two-year-old who hangs out with boys who like to play in dirt. And it now lives here.

Man, do I ever hope it snows a lot this winter or I'm going to be doing a LOT of laundry. Of course navy blue snowpants would like fine with white and pink, right?

I guess I better decide which I prefer - laundry or shovelling? Or perhaps Daddy will be doing the laundry more often. Hm....


Mama P said...

Yes, I like the idea that if Daddy wants a white snow suit, Daddy does the laundry! But, to be fair, I think it's sweet that he cares enough to go out of his way to buy her one. My husband would not bat an eye if my daughter wore Thomas the Train for 10 years. He's not real observant that way. Hey, thanks for stopping by my Babycenter blog! Come back anytime.

Steph said...

Thanks for the comment! Fortunately groom-boy knows this is all in fun. That said, it's funny/sad how sometimes it's easier to see the good in a stranger than in the people we love the most. He's a great Daddy. :)
BTW, I am enjoying your blogs. I'm new to this myself, although I do write a column in our local newspaper (among a bunch of other communications gigs). I'm a bit addicted to blogs at the moment - I am thrilled to find other moms who are writers trying to stay at home. My favourite, ahem, part of this job is how all the deadlines come at once. Good times.

Mama P said...

I used to write for the local paper also. I'm just now getting a few steady gigs that I don't have to beg and scrape for each month. I HATE querying, nor did I have much success at it. I did land a feature for Child. Yeah! But then it folded. Boo!

Anyway, I'm finally settling in at Babycenter and a Good Housekeeping blog. It feels nice to make a little money - not a fortune - but a little. I think the best pay is to have something that is all mine. Given I don't even have my own office, at least I have my own writing space. I'd have done it for free for that.

Stay in touch. If you need someone to bounce something off of, don't hesitate to email or comment on a blog.

Heather said...

Too funny. I had the same dilemma with book boots clashing with red snow pants but I decided to use the red coat and pants. Next year's brother-hand-me-downs are also red, following year are blue. I might not go as far as to put her in blue :) I like the MEC stuff but for some reason this year there is no purple 2 piece suits. If there had been I probably would have wasted my money on them :)

Steph said...

Mama P: I will stay in touch, and thanks for your offer! My office, by the way, was moved out of a spare room after the birth of Girlchild and into a tiny alcove at the top of the stairs. It's, um, cosy, but it's mine! It is GOOD to have a work space, for sure! Good luck with your blogs/columns - I'll be following!

Heather: When did you say you are moving back here? :) Perhaps we could share snowsuits depending on people's moods. Besides, I need another girl here to help Izzy put the boys in their places!