Monday, April 27, 2009

In an Instant

In the corner of the dining room are two bags of toys and clothes. They have been sitting there for over a month - the crowning achievement of a mad spree of sorting toy boxes and drawers.

My intent was to go through the bags and clean the toys and make sure all the parts that go together were together. Then I was going to give them to the mom of a little 15-month-old girl. We don't know the family very well, but they are nice people who my in-laws know.

I had gotten as far as sorting out the girl toys and clothes from the boy stuff, and I had put it all in a great big bag covered in happy faces. All that was left to do was wash the toys.

And then the sweet little girl died.

It was very sudden and unexpected and isn't my tragedy to tell, but it made me sad to wash those toys to give away to someone else. And today, when everyone in my household has been afflicted by sniffly colds and is working on interrupted sleep and fuses are short, I try to remember to be patient and to live in the moment because I am so very, very lucky. My heart breaks for that family.

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Heather said...

Man. No words.