Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of School (aka Mama's Home Alone!)

The only thing missing from this photo montage is Mama's dance of joy. Ahem.

Anyway, school started for the short people this week. As you can see, Boychild is extraordinarily excited about starting his first day of jail - I mean Grade 2. No, I couldn't get him to smile in ANY of the photos. It was a really good time. (He really is a good-looking kid who doesn't usually look quite so pained.)

The next day was Girlchild's Very First Day of School Ever! Yes, indeed, she commenced Junior Kindergarten. She showed enough enthusiasm for both her and her brother. She woke up early and was ready to go half an hour before it was time.

As you can see her backpack (yes, the obligatory Disney Princess one with matching lunch bag - barf) is nearly as big as she is since it is loaded with all the necessary first-day paraphernalia.
Look at how EXCITED Boychild is to be going with Girlchild on her first (his second) day of school! You can just FEEL the enthusiasm, yes?

And....they're off. Mama carries the heavy backpack (which is rarely carried by anyone but Girlchild now). Girlchild fairly skips to school while Boychild, well, note the slumping shoulders. Off to jail!

Even Buster has noticed how much quieter it is around the house, so he can relax now. Because, being a cat and all, relaxation is, um, rare. Yeah, right.


Sparky said...

Hey look! You've got your captions saved already! Good work!

Steph said...

I was confused for a moment - I read your comment here before I checked fb.

Evenspor said...

Junior Kindergarten? What age is that? Is it like preschool?

Steph said...

Probably - I'm not sure what age preschool is. In Ontario Junior Kindergarten is for kids who turn four by the end of the calendar year. Then they do Senior Kindergarten and then Grade 1, etc. JK is optional, but Girlchild was very ready!

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Ahhhh........ so adorable! Love the walking shot of you. Kudos to the hubby or whoever remembered to take one! (Though I wasn't sure it was you or not... since you JOG everywhere now and half your ass is missing from all the exercise. Looking good! Not that 1) I've ever checked out your ass or 2) You had a big ass to begin with. I have honestly know idea about your butt size other than I'm attemptint to compliment you! And yes, I'm going to jog. Soon.

Steph said...

Andrea, you are far too kind. Yes, my ass is smaller than before, but in that particular picture I still see it as ENORMOUS. Much work to do. Horizontal stripes don't help, either.

Run, baby! It's gooooooood!!