Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Past Deadline: It's a Revolution, Baby

Well. So that was 2010.

Do you ever have a bad feeling going into a year and then when it turns out it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be it gives you another bad feeling – like maybe it wasn’t that year that was going to be so bad, but actually the next year?


Ahem. Me neither.

I think my 2010 was burdened slightly by the gloomy fact I was turning 40. Doom! Doom! Doom! That has been working out okay so far, though.

And now here we are on the precipice of another brand new shiny year, so I guess it’s time for my sometimes-annual dissertation on Ye Olde New Year’s "Revolutions."

I know in years past I have blah blah blahed about setting achievable goals. I still think this is a good idea, however, at this very point in time, when work is crazy and holidays are mayhemmish and even a goal of getting to bed before 2 a.m. for a change seems lofty-to-the-max, I’m just not too sure how reliable this list is going to be.

First, though, let’s review. My 2010 goals were not only dull, but they kept centering on a slight obsession with running. There was a bunch of chitchat about losing pounds then gaining them back over the holidays and then some blather about eating celery and running like Forrest Gump in order to lose them again.

Yeah. That went well.

Oh, I ran alright. In fact, I did pretty well through the winter, spring and early summer, going 5K at a time and even as much as 8K. Then things started to taper off. Now if I were to jump back onto the running bandwagon (and a bandwagon kind of defeats the purpose, I think), I would basically be starting from scratch.

Meh. So, maybe I’ll run, maybe I won’t. I am pleased to report, though, that since I have not had full use of a vehicle in the last half of 2010, I have walked off a good six pounds.

So one way or another I exercised and met that resolution from last year. Woohoo!

In the spirit of achievable goals, I also pledged to eat better, be a good person, and to be kind to children and animals. (That last one is because usually I’m an ogre. Actually, some of the short people’s friends say I’m “crabby.” Strangely, I am okay with that. Probably I just need to sleep more.)

Anyway, fine. Those are all good. We can keep those. But are they really resolutions or are they just, you know, things I should do because I am alive? Really, it’s almost like making a list and writing “1. Make a list” at the top just so you can cross it off. Achievable goals – yes!

That’s probably one of the reasons why I step outside my comfort zone and add “5. Save the world” as the last one.


Needless to say – and you might have noticed – I didn’t get that last one done in 2010. It hasn’t been going well. I was very busy not running.

So what’s the point again? Well, maybe it’s time to find some sort of happy medium between achievable and unrealistic goals. How about “learn to knit” or “get a dog to eat the cats” or “write the Great Canadian Novel” or “learn to play cello”? Maybe it’s all about setting yourself up to do something better or different. In that case I should definitely put “clean the house” on the list. That would make 2011 so much more thrilling!

Perhaps “control babbling” should also be added. Ahem.

I should probably strive to complain less or, at the very least, remember to use my inside voice when I do it. Yes – “use inside voice more often” – there’s a good one. Achievable, yet challenging. Ties in nicely with my motto: “Sarcasm doesn’t work on authority figures.” Sarcasm is often inside-voice kind of stuff.

By using my inside voice more I will be generating less noise pollution. Maybe that will be a step toward saving the world. At the very least, it might mean fewer short people will call me crabby, although some days being an ogre fits my mood just fine.

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