Saturday, December 1, 2007

Love a Parade - Except for the Noise

Tonight was the Santa Claus parade in our town. It was a nursery rhyme theme, which was great for pointing things out to Girlchild. Boychild and his buddies collected tonnes of frozen candy from dozens of frozen parade participants. Night parades are beautiful - but can leave you feeling quite raw (she said, still shivering and sipping tea).

Boychild has never been a big fan of loud noises, unless he's making them. Many a tear has been shed over such things as electric carving knives, drills and fireworks. He's much better than he used to be. Now instead of dissolving into tears, he's more likely to walk around with his hands over his ears.

The parade, of course, features fire trucks and large tractor trailers. The trucks, of course, sound their sirens and horns. The boy, of course, stands with his hands over his ears while his friends have their hands outstretched to collect candy. Not only that, but he has discovered that he gets better ear blockage by raising his arms straight up and pressing them against his ears. This makes him look, well, odd.

Kids are weird. Weird, weird, weird. It's at this point that groom-boy and I point to each other and say, simultaneously, "Your child."


Heather said...

Holy cow. I laughed out loud at that visual (arms in the air). Great post as usual.

Mama P said...

It is fxxxin freezing in L.A.. And I don't say that in "oh, it's Soutern California and 78 degrees boo hooo..." It's seriously colder than a witches tit.

Mama P said...

Hi -

Thanking you again for always visiting my Babycenter blog. It means a lot to see a familiar face. ciao for now!

Steph said...

Hey Mama P,

Thanks for your comments, too! I thrive on comments. Sorry to clutter up your BabyCenter blog (your husband one) with smut. It's amazing the difference inadvertently adding an "l" to "blogspot" in one's link when posting a comment will do. Yeesh!