Sunday, July 6, 2008

Overheard on a Dock at an Undisclosed Location

We just returned from a mini holiday at a lovely cottage on a lake.


While fishing one evening with Boychild on the dock, Mama observed some aquatic movement, which was remarkable because for the first two days we were starting to think perhaps there were no fish in the lake. Prior to the following discussion, we had figured out the fish du jour (largemouth bass) preferred to receive their worms close to the lake bottom, so we finally started catching and releasing them. No more wussy bobbers for these fishing folk.

Mama: "Hey! I just saw a whole school of fish swim by - way down deep!"

Boychild, after a short pause: "I think they must be at least high school, but probably university fish."

Mama, considering: "Oh, you mean because of their size?"

Boychild: "Yes." A pause. "And the minnows would be the Kindergarten fish."

Mama: "Of course."

Kids are awesome.


Sparky said...

I am jealous of your dock. Yes I know it is not really our dock but to be on any dock in summer is dreamy! Blasted Prairie! To be fair their are some mountain lakes not to far away but they are Ca-collllllllllllld!

momma's heart said...

Smart boy!