Monday, July 21, 2008

Jail: Where the Cons Outweigh the Pros

As the summer at home with the kids in the &*#@#! non-stop rain drones on, I've found myself pondering upon a nice little mama vacation.

Don't get me wrong. We're having fun with trips to the library, walks around town, visiting festivals, having play dates and so on. It's just that after two years of surprising mutual respect and caring, my darling children have now officially learned how to push each other's buttons, which means there are predictable small explosions of fury and screaming occurring frequently throughout the day and my last nerve is wearing a little thin. My mom and dad laugh about this. What goes around comes around. Only 43 days until school starts.

Also in the No-Fun Category: the rain. It, too, was predictable. You can't very well escape the Winter of 10,000 Feet of Snow and expect an immediate shutting off of the precipitation faucet come Spring. Apparently these things take time and, lo, we now have the Lovely Wet Summer of Bugs, which means we're cooped up a little more than I would like to be.

And, we can't forget that even when we get away from it all, we don't really get away from it all. People must still be tended. And their laundry. And their dishes. And their fishing rods. Etc.

So maybe mama needs a solo holiday in order to recharge. On the grocery list on the fridge I requested a 10-day spa holiday. I'm thinking we're unlikely to find that in aisle seven.

The other day I heard myself saying to someone, with only a bit of sarcasm, that in jail the prisoners get three square meals a day and someone does their laundry. Of course the cons of going to jail outweigh the pros. (Snort! Guffaw! Cons - get it?) I think I'll do my level best to avoid jail. I'd probably end up on laundry or kitchen duty anyway.

My cyber friend Andrea just returned from a fabulous visit to the BlogHer conference in San Francisco. It sounds as if it was loads o' fun. She posted a picture of her beautiful hotel room on her blog at BabyCenter. Biiiiiiiiiiig siiiiiiiiiigh!! (The green I chose for that link is a metaphor for my thinly disguised jealousy. Did you catch it?)

This mama's gotta get me a few days away. Not in jail, though.


Mama P said...

You will get away. I swear, my home is your home if you ever want to make the trip. It's not a hotel, but it's cozy. I will spoil you.

Sparky said...

Fly to Calgary and we can run away to BC together. Jamie owes me one :)

tifRN said...

i DIED laughing when i read this post. at 0430. and i blamed you when it woke up my husband, cause i'm thoughtful that way. :) thanks for stopping by my blog! yours are awesome.