Saturday, August 2, 2008

Charlie Brown Mwah Mwahs

The other day I was sitting in the backyard with Groom-boy's mama (Grandma). In a few short minutes I managed to bark out a series of commands/reprimands to the short people milling about - typical stuff. It dawned on me, though, how much I've started to sound like that grown-up voice you hear in the Charlie Brown cartoons - the mothers, the teachers, any adult authority figure.

"Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwaaaaaah mwaaaaaah."


Those cartoon folks had it pegged. I'm even tired of listening to myself!

So I thought I'd share with you some typical "Charlie Brown Mwah Mwahs" from our house. These are things you're likely to hear every day, at least once a day and often more:

1. Just a minute.
2. I'm coming.
3. Leave your sister alone.
4. Leave the cats alone.
5. Stop that right now!
6. Do you want to lose your computer privileges?
7. Boys and girls, what happens every time you goof around on the couch?
8. I don't want to have to call the ambulance!
9. D'ya hear me?
10. Stop kissing my butt, you weirdo!
11. How many times do I have to tell you?
12. Do you have to go potty?
13. Come here right now!
14. I don't know.
15. I don't know.
16. I don't know already!
17. No more snacks - it's too close to lunch.
18. No more snacks - it's too close to supper.
19. Boychild! What have I told you about leaving your wet swimming shorts on the hardwood floor?!
20. Do you want me to come in there?
21. Close the door.
22. Open the door.
23. Don't stand there with the fridge open!
24. Don't spill it.
25. Who spilled this?
26. What do you mean you don't like [insert food item] anymore? You liked it a few days ago!

Man, some of these are echoes from my childhood! Gulp.

Okay, now tell me some of yours.


Monnik said...

Ha, these are great.

Mine is "would you PLEASE leave the cats alone?!"

Steph said...

Ah, yes - the emphasized "please." Certainly a crowd favourite! I should also add in the occasional "Aaaaaaaaargh!" in my house, not unlike when Charlie Brown is frustrated....

momma's heart said...

Mine are pretty much the same as yours, although we don't have furry pets. This is hilarious! I love it!

Something tells me I use the ambulance one a lot more than you do. LOL I don't get the impression your son is quite the live wire mine are. If you had two boys, then maybe. They feed off each other.

momma's heart said...

The Past Deadline column is so cute! Daniel loved his crib. We bought him a cute toddler bed (probably too early) when he was just shy of two. Timmy was coming, and I was hoping to avoid having two cribs. Well, Daniel loved to play on the bed, like your daughter, but he slept in that crib until he was three and a half (until we moved to Ohio). We took it down for a month or so earlier on, but he wouldn't stay in bed and seemed stressed for the whole month.

He was SO HAPPY when we put the crib back together. We did buy another for Timmy, and you know he never slept in it? He was/is such a cuddler, that it just didn't work for him.

I'll always remember fondly the sight of my sweet Daniel sleeping soundly in that crib, hugging his beloved bunny. He still loves his bunny too.

They grow up so fast! It's just not fair!

Evenspor said...

Steph, you've been nominated:

Mama P said...

Okay, that is hilarious. Why do I want to link everything you write? Either you are brilliant or I'm lazy. Well, both.