Sunday, January 25, 2009

So, Like, You're Gonna Be Home All the Time?

In a matter of days there is going to be a rather significant change around our household.

Groom-boy is leaving a 16-year career at the local newspaper. "Is leaving" means he applied to, and was accepted for, a "voluntary departure program" within the corporation that owns the newspaper. Newspapers are having a rough go of things in this economy and many companies are, um, streamlining operations.

We're okay - he's been there long enough that he was given a nice package that will keep us afloat for a while. It's also a great unexpected opportunity for him to explore some new career directions and interesting prospects.

Still, there's lots of stuff swimming around my head about the end of this era. Groom-boy and I met at the paper almost 16 years ago when we were both reporters. It was fascinating work that we enjoyed and it really cemented our bond with our hometown. Not only that, but we fell in love, got married and the rest is history. I was there for six and a half years before leaving to start up my communications business. He stayed on and eventually became editor. We have a lot of pride and affection tied up in the newspaper, and it has been difficult to watch the industry struggle.

But I won't talk about that today. After all, until he settles on his Brand Spankin' New Career, having hubbie home all the time will be, um, something! At first it will feel like a vacation, and it will be cool to not have to make child-care arrangements every time I need to leave the house for an hour-long meeting. Heck - I might even be able to go out for a coffee with a grown up without children every once in a while!


Care to make any bets on how long it will be before I go stark raving?


Sparky said...


I know groom boy was leaning in that direction for a while so it is nice to get a bit of a package out of the deal.

As for TTSRM (time til stark raving mad)um, 3 days tops.

momma's heart said...

I've experienced this. You have my sympathy. :)