Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sound of Music

The house is weirdly quiet.

Dad and Boychild haven't come home yet from a trip to the city. I just finished putting a cake in the oven in preparation for "Girlchild's Birthday: Version 2.0 - the Family Dinner," to be held tomorrow (also a belated Thanksgiving). I have classical music playing and the only other sounds are:

1. A "chirp!" from the smoke detector every 30 seconds because I have to push the "hush" button on it or it will go off when I open the oven door (that's what happens when someone places the smoke detector too close to the kitchen) and

2. Girlchild on the baby monitor singing, over and over, "Ol Madonal hadda farm, ee yi ee yi oooh. Onafarm ee hadda sheep, ee yi ee yi oooh. Baba here an baba dare, here ba dare ba every baba. Ol Madonal hadda farm [winding up for the big finish now] eeeee yiiiii eeeeeee yiiiiii oooooooooh!"


1 comment:

Heather said...

I love your writing! Especially the description of Isobel singing :)