Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January Woes

Sunshine. Beaches. Fields of wheat waving in a warm breeze. Flowers. Robins singing. Bees buzzing. Sitting under the blossoming apple tree.

Ahem. Sorry about that. I was just trying to concoct warm happy thoughts to put me in a better frame of mind for writing my so-called lighthearted blog. Really, though, I'm feeling just plain bleh.

It appears to be an epidemic as there are copious long faces around these here parts. For we sun-deprived more-northern types on the planet, by the time January rolls around there seems to be a plague of blehs going around, not to mention all the viral and bacterial nasties that accompany the winter season. The news heralds
Jan. 21 as the most depressing day of the year. For me, the whole of January tends to be a fairly steady funk.

I think part of it is a hangover from the Christmas festivities. My freelance year-end deadlines and the end-of-semester marking I have for my courses tend to put me in overdrive in December. Throw in Christmas, New Year's and some family birthdays in early January and it makes for hectic to the power of ten. No spare time.

Then, suddenly, it's over. No holidays. No major festivities. Work slows down to manageable again. I'm no longer running like a cat with my tail on fire and, instead of rejoicing in this and
living in the moment like I said I was going to do, I feel as if I should be doing "something" urgent. I feel anxious about it. It seems to take my brain a looooooong time to wind down from super-silly-crazy hectic to normal.

I think many folks are in the same boat, especially when combined with the diminished sunlight at this time of year. Maybe I have undiagnosed
seasonal affective disorder. I like winter, at least I tell myself I do, but there's definitely a hermit living inside me at this time of year. Even though I promote getting outside and express joy when we have snow because we can go sledding or snowshoeing or skating or build snow things in the backyard, I don't do much of it. Bad Mommy. Take those kids out to play more! It will make everyone happy. Alas, Boychild is home sick and Girlchild still naps and that means it won't be this afternoon, so good intentions get postponed for yet another day.

And it's another cloudy day. Sigh.

Maybe I'm subconsciously susceptible to thinking I have to feel this way at this time every year. I dunno. Do you loathe January, too?


Heather said...

January definately makes me a little crazy but February does not get much better. At least out here it is not very cloudy though spring comes really late. I have been reading all your posts but don't always remember to comment! :)

Steph said...

Hey Heather! Thanks for checking in! I check your blog, too, and I'm following your youtube stuff. I don't always comment there, though. Maybe once I get the oomph to start my own weight-loss program again I'll have something inspirational to say. Right now just doesn't seem the time, although it should be. You look great, by the way!