Monday, January 7, 2008

Ode to Joy(ce) and Other Bloggers

When I first started reading blogs, and then writing one myself, I spent some time contemplating the nature of the beast. The Internet, after all, seems to swing widely from being so impersonal and far too intimate. I've been trying to keep my own writing light - something I wouldn't be embarrassed about showing, say, my in-laws. So, less about feminine hygiene and more lighter-side-of-life stuff.

I have a few favourite blogs that make me feel as if each post is like getting a letter from a pen pal. They're obviously not to me, personally, but my favourite writers are the ones to whom I can relate to the most. They're the ones I would like to invite over for a good blab session while the kids play and we have a cup of tea or a shot of whiskey, depending.

Today I went to one of my favourites. I've written about her before (I swear I'm not a stalker!) because I think she's just a wonderful writer. Again, today, she penned a post
(this one here) that really touched me. On the one hand, she sounds so tired (been there!) that I wish I could offer to babysit while she takes a nap. Since she lives across the continent that would be tricky, however. On the other hand, she made me and Girlchild laugh and dance today by posting this great song in her blog. Thanks for sharing it, Joyce! What a fabulous find!

Another writer, Mama P/Andrea (of Pass the Zoloft fame), who also writes here at BabyCenter, has a wicked sense of humour and I have been enjoying her blogs immensely. She has a great way of making you feel normal - or at least not abnormal - and she has been wonderful for my self-esteem. Thanks, Mama P!

There are some real gems out there in cyberland, and it can be a great place to visit, for sure. I'm linking these ladies to this blog so you can all share in the fun - I hope they don't mind. Keep up the great writing - and the great parenting!


Joyce said...

You are just so sweet. I wish you lived in my city (San Fran), I am dying for company and babysitting help too! : )

Your friend,

Mama P said...

Ah, thanks, Steph. But where's my link? How am I going to get famous now? Hee hee.

You are really very funny. More on that later.

Steph said...

Clearly we need to form a mutual admiration society. Should I move there or do you guys want to try small-town Canada in winter? Perhaps a cyber society will have to do. :)

Joyce - I hope you'll visit here again! I know you've probably heard this a thousand times, but you truly helped through some of those exhausting newborn weeks when you wrote Tending Violet. Your ability to connect with people through writing is a great gift. Thanks for sharing it!

Mama P - Duh've now got links! As for that inadvertent omission, I'm trying to think of a clever segue about train tracks and going off the rails....

Both of you are on my blog list (under "Other Mamas"), too. Would it be too egotistical to change that to "Other Great Mamas"? :)

Mama P said...

ah, Steph, thank you. I just started my Good Housekeeping gig today. I'll link it later. At some point, I'll link your site there, too. Perhaps you'll join the ranks of us blogging mamas. You too can write for peanuts while working a day job and being a mother and attempting not tell your boss to screw his uncle. Yeah for all of us!!!!!!!!

Steph said...

Peanuts! Right on! Wait - would I have to sweep up the shells? Quite frankly there's already a lot of crap lying around here....

Sounds like fun, though!