Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mobilizing the Knitting Task Force

I'm pleased to report a Task Force has been established with a view to completing Operation Save Ducky (as discussed in my previous post).

Today Boychild and I met with a team of intrepid knitters at a local long-term care home. These ladies meet every Saturday for a few hours of knitting - everything from bears to hats to washclothes to scarves and more. They are currently building an inventory to be sold at a bazaar a few months down the road.

They were delighted to see us, particularly Boychild, with whom some of them flirted shamelessly. It was a lovely time that included cupcakes, apple juice and tea or coffee - not to mention some nice chit chat. We even had a chance to catch up a bit with a couple who used to live beside us.

Ducky is not yet repaired, although the Task Force of two or three members of the knitting group plans to meet again this week to properly assess a plan of action. The verdict in general, and not surprisingly, was that it would be easier to knit a whole new duck, which made Boychild's eyes widen and the corners of his mouth turn down, so this plan was abandoned before it grew wings and took flight. My solution of a simple rectangle of matching yarn stitched onto the thinning spots was deemed to be inadequate (I have a tendency to underestimate things). Various other options were muttered about and involved things like stitch counts and possibly darning. The concept of Ducky spending a few days at the Lodge to facilitate the work was suggested. Those chocolate brown eyes widened and the corners of the mouth turned down again, so we agreed Ducky would participate in a series of visits to the Task Force on the days Boychild is in school.

See? I knew knitting was complicated stuff. And don't think my learning this craft wasn't suggested once, twice or thrice by these ladies. I wish I could. I probably should. I think I have a couple of hours between 1 and 3 a.m. that I could spare.

The saga will continue....


Mama P said...

HOw nice that you visit long term care places. And how I'd love to learn to knit. Odd that we both wrote about that at the same time.

Best of luck with the duck. Hey, that rhymed!

Heather said...

Good luck Ducky!!!!

Steph said...

Thanks, ladies! I'll let you know how this "tail" unfolds.