Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When Good Mommies Go Bad

Over the weekend I was afflicted with a tummy bug that made me feel icky. I find one of the hardest things to do in the world is to be a good mommy when sick. In fact, I sometimes find it hard to be a good human under those circumstances. Suffice it to say, I was soooo relieved Groom-boy was home to pick up the considerable slack while I retreated in misery to bed.

In addition to feeling barfy, my favourite part of the whole experience was the series of rather intense dizzy spells at night. Surprisingly, this is actually NOT related to the fact I also chose this weekend to fall down a flight of stairs. I was not injured, aside from a bruised hip, rugburn on my elbow and some ego issues. Girlchild joined me for that trip, and she was fine, albeit surprised by the rapidity of our descent. I cushioned her fall. I am a BIG cushion, which is another reason why I think we came out of this relatively unscathed. Yay for saddlebags. Who knew?

Sigh. Banner times.

While all this was going on I was keeping an eye on an Unfolding Drama over at the BabyCenter website, where one of my favourite bloggers on Momformation had apparently opened one heck of a can of worms. I'm not even going to say what she was writing about for fear all the angry scary mamas who left comments on her posts will come here and beat me up.

I thought her posts were lighthearted. Others, it would seem, read a lot more into it. Like novels and essays and non-fiction parenting books into it. In my disoriented state, I kept going back to the blog as if it were a bad accident and watched the number of judgmental and nasty comments climb. My nausea grew.

It makes me sad to see mamas jumping all over each other, especially over a paragraph or two that rarely tells the whole story of a situation. I prefer the positive, supportive stuff. In my little world, I want everyone to be happy and kind. I want there to be bunnies and flowers and singing and joy and for everyone to get along. I want to spread humour and happiness and leave all the bickering and opinions to much braver souls. I want us all to be good, happy mommies and daddies.

Ahem. Yes. Well, wish me luck with that.

At least I'm feeling better.

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Mama P said...

Ah, Steph. Love you. I'm thinking, too, that you might feel better if you TRY NOT TO FALL DOWN STAIRS. Just sayin'.