Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hunter or Thief?

I've mentioned before I wear a lot of hats. The nature of this freelance beast means sometimes there's not much of nothing going on, but other times I'm busy as stink. When you throw in the 24/7 mommy gig it's enough to make not just one, but both eyes twitch. (What the heck is up with that twitchy-eye thing, anyway?)

Right now I have several deadlines converging at once. My brain is remarkably calm for someone who should be panicking. I think, actually, my neck and shoulders are taking the brunt of this as they are pretty much as hard as granite at the moment. Oh, and there's also the eye twitches. That must be some zany way of blowing off pent-up deadline angst.

Things will settle down again in a couple of weeks probably, but right now I wake up with a start every morning and my brain whirs loudly into an immediate spin. What is due today? What should I do first? Then what? Then what? Then what? And don't forget the whatsit.

First, I make a list. I'm a big-time list girl. I get distinct pleasure out of stroking things off of a list, even if it's just "do dishes" or "thaw meat for supper" or "make a list." Whatever works, I tell ya.

Then I spend a good chunk of time trying to figure out where I am going to find moments to do the work while still being Super Extra Wonderful Mom (SEWM). I can't decide whether I am a hunter of time or a stealer of it. I look for little gaps between activities and schedules and chores. I could mark papers while Girlchild naps and Boychild plays outside with Neighbourboy and while the laundry is in the washer and the meat is thawing on the counter. Multitasking time thief? Hunter of moments?

Pop Quiz. When your constipated daughter is wailing on your lap while you're sitting at your desk because she "doesn't want to let it out" and you, betwixt occasional murmurs of the "there, there" nature, decide now would be a fine time to check your e-mail, are you:

a) hunting for a reasonable moment to complete a task?
b) stealing an awkward moment to complete a task?

c) just a bad mom?


Maybe I'm actually a poacher - a hunter and a thief. That would explain the bad streak, maybe.


Mama P said...

"I get distinct pleasure out of stroking things off"... don't we all, girl. Don't we all.

Monnik said...

Isn't this the truth? Wow - you have a GREAT blog. I've added it to my reader.