Friday, April 11, 2008

Star-struck and Spotlights

Boychild's school put on a very snazzy production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this week, which has been one of my favourite musicals ever since my school did it when I was in Grade 6.

It was a Family Outing(TM), replete with snacks, extra diapers and some of the grandparents. Boychild had already seen it earlier in the week when the whole school was treated to a dress rehearsal, but he was quite excited to go again.

I know Joseph must be in his blood. When I was pregnant with him we saw a local community-choir production of it that was very good. I know most of the songs, too, so he got an earful in his amniotic world. We have multiple copies of the CD lying around the house, and I have been known to burst into song occasionally. I'm cute that way. Both Boychild and Girlchild sometimes listen to the CD when they are going to sleep at night.

Needless to say, we were keen to attend.

Boychild sat with rapt attention, mesmerized throughout the whole thing, oblivious to the distraction of other busy boys nearby.

And then there was Girlchild. She is the polar opposite of Boychild the Worrier. Before the show started she worked the room; going up to complete strangers and saying "hi," running after little girls so she could play with them (she is sooooo girl deprived), weaving in and out amongst kids' legs, wandering along the aisles grinning at people. Although we watched her like hawks, she probably couldn't have cared less about where her parents were.

When the singing started she beamed and went rigid with excitement. (We've really got to get this child out more.) She threw herself into the centre aisle, dancing, spinning and clapping. She was actually more attracted to the spotlight at the back than to the musical, stretching up in her pink Pooh rubber boots with eager fingers to catch the dusty light streaming just over her head. During the dance numbers she mirrored the moves. Then she started to run up and down the aisle, which I find annoying as heck. Groom-boy carted her off to the front of the gymnasium where she could dance and clap in a sheltered corner, thereby eliminating the chase element.

After the show Boychild kept staring at all the actors in their makeup as they mingled in the lobby. We headed back to the van and he kept asking about the boy who played Joseph. "But what's his name? I want to know his name." We pulled out the program and told him the name, but it seems Boychild really wanted to talk to him. Oh, and invite him over. (He's in Grade 8.) He was star-struck. So Groom-boy took him back into the school so he could meet Joseph and tell him what a good job he did. They shook hands. The star was very gracious. At home Boychild informed us we should invite him over on a Saturday or Sunday.

Um, yeah.

I'm still thinking Girlchild will be the Diva and Boychild will handle her affairs.


Betsy said...

Thanks for stopping into BabyCenter. I really liked your comment. I see you are dreaming for your children as well. Keep on writing, no matter what.

Steph said...

Thanks, Betsy! I always enjoy your BabyCenter posts. So many of the writing moms there make me feel, well, normal!

As for writing, I sure will keep at it. I can't help it! Keep dreaming!

Mama P said...

I liked that show a lot, too. But it wasn't my favorite favorite. Tomorrow I am seeing My Fair Lady. Excited. I'll let you know.