Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shrine to an Oily God

This is probably not an original thought, but it just occurred to me so let's roll with it.

I went for a brisk walk Friday night (yay me!) and as I neared the edge of town I raised my eyes to the tall, bright orange and yellow beacon glowing on a busy street corner and, lo, beneath the company logo there appeareth the price of gas.

It doesn't really matter for the purpose of this posting that the price was the freakin' highest I've ever seen it in my whole entire life. What suddenly occurred to me was that everywhere we go, particularly when we're driving, our eyes are drawn to these frequent bold beacons. Kind of like we're looking up in worship of some oily kind of god. A religion of driving cars. Temples on every corner. It's also interesting in an alarming sort of way to contemplate how many of our actions and decisions are influenced by these glowing beacons. Boy, there's a barrel of symbolism here to drill.

Makes me want to walk more and avert my gaze toward the starry sky instead.

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