Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Little Snow

One of my pet peeves in life is that in the last five years or so I have found mainstream media overblows winter storms in these here parts. If a mere five centimetres falls, it makes the national news. I find it so irritating. This is Canada. We get winter here. It's not news.

This year, though, it is. And how.

There has been reason to talk about winter. Across most of eastern Canada we are, if not over, on the cusp of breaking some all-time snowfall records (since they started keeping track, anyway). I'd tell you how much snow we officially got, but our newspaper didn't make it today. Last night was one of the biggest blizzards I've seen in some time, made worse by the fact we already had several feet of snow on the ground.

Today was about shovelling. I've shovelled for about two hours already and we're about half done, I'd say. Groom-boy's taking a shift now. And you know what? I'm okay with all that shovelling. Today dawned beautiful and sunny; the snow is gleaming so brightly I had to wear sunglasses. The sun feels warm. The sky is blue. It is truly, truly a winter wonderland. I won't mind seeing the end of winter this year, but it really has been quite amazing. It reminds me of childhood winters - only I think we've had more snow.

No, I haven't lost my mind in a snowbank somewhere. Part of this also stems from the fact I have nowhere to be today and since it's March Break this coming week I don't have to worry about walking Boychild to school in the morning - otherwise I might be singing a different tune.

Besides, I had kind of a monstrous, soul-sucking day yesterday, not to mention the day before, so all this shovelling has been somewhat therapeutic. It's helping me to work off some stress.

And now I'll let some pictures do the talking. These are just a few I took from our windows. I'll post more outside shots later.

This is what I saw out the kitchen window first thing this morning. It's our backyard. The bird feeder normally hangs off a four-foot pole. You can just see the top of the hook. I had to dig it out.
Our van was buried.
These are the apartments across the street from us.

Looking out our window and down the street. Most people had been out shovelling by then.
Boychild on an icicle hunt in the backyard beside the neighbouring house. What an adventure!
Me commiserating with a neighbour.


Heather said...

WOW! I wonder what it will be like 2 weeks from now? :)

Steph said...

Two weeks from now? My money is on "wet." Whether it is "cold and wet" or "warm and wet" remains to be seen. It could also be "very, very wet," as in "bring your canoe."

Mama P said...

It is beautiful, if not a pain in the arse. I love the style of the homes also. So sturdy compared to our fake looking adobe knock offs in L.A.. Even my home, although built in 1958 in a Cape Cod style, does not have the permanence that stone and brick seems to offer. Ahhh, I'm lost in the Christmas Card fantasy of snow. Even if you're shoveling and freezing your yabas off. I'm romantic and optimistic that way. Well, I've got to go take off my tank top and get some sleep. (I'm mean, too.)