Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five of Seven and Other Aliens

If you are familiar in any way with Star Trek, then you'll probably know what I mean when I say I think I am living with the Borg. The Borg is a collective alien race: it acquires other species and assimilates them into one giant collective unit that functions in unison to try and take over the universe. Or something like that. Its slogan is: "Resistance is futile."

At my house the Borg could be, I suppose, illnesses that work collectively to prevent my child from going to school. What really reminded me of the Borg, though, stems back to something I've already talked about - namely the fact there are only seven scheduled school days in March thanks to Boychild's alternate-day Kindergarten schedule, March Break and the Easter holiday.

Today marks Day Five of Seven. There is a Star Trek alien - a member of the Borg - called Seven of Nine. I don't know if Seven of Nine ever went to school, but I can tell you that Boychild is missing Day Five of Seven today. He missed Day One of Seven, went for Days Two and Three of Seven, almost made it through Day Four of Seven but came home early with the barfies, and today is Day Five of Seven, which is being spent on the Federation Starship Couch.

Day Six of Seven is scheduled for next Wednesday. A whole week from now. Sigh. Day Seven of Seven is on the last day of the month. Will he do it? Will he beat the odds and be able to navigate a galaxy of illnesses in order to attend two days of school between now and March 31? Stay tuned for the next episode....

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