Monday, March 3, 2008


Speaking of knitting, I had the wool pulled over my eyes today.

Today was to be the first of seven, count 'em seven, school days for Boychild in March. Yep, I said seven. Can you tell I'm thrilled?

See, Boychild is in alternate-day senior Kindergarten, which means the most he ever goes to school in any given week is three days. He has alternate Fridays off. March starts off well enough with three scheduled days in the first week, but then things get sketchy. The second week is March Break. The third week features Good Friday, which means he goes Monday and Wednesday. The following week, which is a B week and includes Easter Monday, he only goes on Wednesday. March 31 is a Monday - a school day. That's seven.


Mom, I now understand about school breaks. And I'm sorry.

Today dawned with a predicted freezing rain storm. I have to say, I will be very glad to see the last snowflake of this winter season - fun as it has been. As expected buses were cancelled - snow day. This is no biggie because the school is open and we're townies and we live close enough to the school that we can walk. Boychild, however, put on a very dramatic show of how his tummy hurt and his cold (he caught one over the weekend) was bad and his throat was gurgly "and and and pleeeeeeeease don't make me go to school."

I'm not usually one to fall for this, but I did this time and it's Hugh Laurie's fault. Yes. Groom-boy is on holidays this week and last night he started watching an old episode of House at midnight and I got hooked and stayed up until 1 a.m. I love House and I hardly ever get to watch it. That late night in itself isn't overly bad except I had stayed up until a little past 1 a.m. the night before, too, and it's catching up. I am an idiot.

Anyway...Boychild, who is a rabid (and sometimes unwelcome) morning person, comes at me with this plaintive cry as soon as Girlchild and I join him and Groom-boy downstairs. I am a not a morning person. I am a zombie. I had just gotten off the phone with BFF (Cindy, the knitter), who called to tell me a) her youngest, who is in Boychild's class, would not be going to school today because he was having dry heaves (yay) and b) eldest child would be going and she could pick up Boychild on the way.

So, in the back of my weary weary mind I'm connecting dry heaves with Boychild's tummy complaints (even though he says he has a sore tummy almost every morning and it usually subsides as soon as he fills it). I'm also thinking, in my weakened state, that a snow day is a good day to miss if necessary because they don't tend to do as much at school.

Meanwhile, the slightly - only slightly - more alert side of my brain is yelling and sending up flares. "Don't believe the hype! He just doesn't want to go to school! He'll feel better after breakfast and his snot will clear up! We're always more congested first thing!" Yeah yeah yeah. Something about a "dangerous precedent," too.

Sigh. I caved. An hour later he and Girlchild were dancing to the Bee Gees on the radio and jumping up and down on the old crib mattress. My fatigue betrayed my common sense on this one. I am such a sucker. A precedent-setting sucker.

Later Boychild will get a long story about crying wolf. Meanwhile, I am mourning the loss of a perfectly good school day. Sniff.

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