Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Training Coming Soon?

So I have this, um, friend who has a kid who is about two and a half. The kid, let's call her Vernadette, isn't potty trained yet, but is showing lots of signs of knowing when she is wet or dirty and will frequently announce, "I need a bum change." Vernadette's mama knows it will soon be time to start training in earnest, and is eagerly awaiting warmer weather and fewer layers of clothing to navigate.

What's driving Vernadette's mama crazy, though, is that Vernadette is suddenly doing this weird thing where she starts a No. 2 in her diaper and then asks for a bum change before she is finished. An entire No. 2 can span four or more diapers. It could probably be best described as Incremental Pooping, and Vernadette's mom can never be sure when the end has been reached, hence the need for frequent diaper changes. Vernadette consistently refuses to try this procedure on the potty.

It's driving poor Vernadette's mama mad. It's like a regression back to babyhood when multiple BMs were part of every day. As much as she would like to strip Vernadette naked and let her truly experience the joys of the potty, it's still the throes of a cold winter in these here parts [she said, rocking back and forth in a fetal position with her arms wrapped around her knees].

Boy, I sure am glad it's Vernadette's mama's problem and not mine. [Insert nervous laughter here.] [Sob.]

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